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[CARTFLOWS Analytics] Some Of The Amazing Results


21000+ Registrations at  29.53% Average Signup Ratio and Recovered 47% Ad Cost Through Book Upsell


56 Lakhs+ Sales in  4 Months Aggressive Limited Time Launch


100 High Quality Low Ticket Application for Physical Workshop for 8 Lakh/year Ticket Size Product


11 Lakh+ Sales in  in 22 Days for India's Biggest Art Competition 2022

[Facebook Ads Result - Video] Using Our Integrated Funnel System

 Skyrocket Your Sales  By Our Full Fledgde Funnel & Marketing Services

1. Media Buying


Turn Your Ads Budget to  Quality Leads  Without Overspending.

We've developed a top-notch tactical acquisition plan for your PPC Ads Campaigns, designed to maximize your return on ad spend across essential paid acquisition channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads.

If you're in the training industry, we offer coaching-specific acquisition processes and frameworks that our team of experienced media buyers and campaign managers leverage to deliver stellar results for our clients.

Our Consitent Activity That Makes Ads Highly Profitable

  • Audience Research
  • Audience Testing
  • Creative Testing
  • Profit and Performance Projection
  • Scaling & Building more profitable ad campaigns
  • Outranking your competition
  • Daily Account Analysis
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Daily Account Analysis
  • Insights and Further Action Steps

2. High Converting Ads


Your Message That Influence Your Target Audience to Take Action

At the heart of our strategy is Facebook/Google's user-focused philosophy. We understand the importance of user feedback and tailor our content, language, and context to resonate with your target audience's keywords and interests. This results in highly relevant Ads that perform exceptionally well.

Our clients benefit from low cost-per-acquisition and high sales/conversion rates month after month. So, if you're looking to maximize the impact of your PPC Ads, look no further than our team of experts.

Turn Your Ads Budget to  Quality Leads  Without Overspending.

  • Audience Survey and Research
  • Buyer Persona Creation
  • Data-Driven Ads Strategy
  • Profit and Performance Projection
  • Video Ads Scripts Writing
  • High Converting Ad Copy Writing
  • Static Ads Content and Design
  • Insights and Iterations

3. Landing Page and Funnels


Conversion Optimize Landing Pages and Funnels That Maximize Leads & Sales

Experience a structured and strategic approach to creating Landing Pages with our expert team.

We use research and data sources, including heuristic analysis, Google Analytics, user psychology, and behavior analysis, to optimize your Landing Page's performance.

Consistent Optimization and Testing with various tools to ensures that your Landing Page continually achieves high conversion rates.

Our Tailored Made Funnels Is Battle Tested to Increase Average Order Value and Reduce Ad The Cost.

  • Audience and Competitor Research
  • Conceptualization
  • Copy and Offer Strategy
  • Landing Page Video Script Writing
  • Design and Development
  • Performance Analysis and Reporting
  • Funnel Sequence Design
  • Consistent Testing & Optimization

4. Nurturing System


Get In Touch With Your Prospects & Customers Via Email, Whatsapp, SMS Marketing

Our team specializes in nurturing acquired leads and converting them into loyal customers. We achieve this by maximizing webinar attendance rates, establishing rapport, providing assistance, and maintaining top-of-mind awareness.

Our customer retention strategy is highly cost-effective, as it is up to 25 times less expensive to retain existing customers compared to acquiring new ones.

By using channels like WhatsApp, email, or messaging services, we help you connect and retain your best leads, ultimately growing your bottom line profits and optimizing your budget.

We Completely Take Care Of Nurturing and Warming Up Your Audience Using Our Multiple Automates Marketing Channels

  • Journey Creation
  • Email Copies
  • Email Automation Set Up
  • Whatsapp Follow-Up Sequences
  • Whatsapp Group Followup & Reminders
  • Analysis and Insight Reporting
  • SMS Marketing
  • Static Ads Content and Design
  • Insights and Iterations

5. Webinar Strategy


Maximizing Your Webinar Upsell Profit With The Perfect Sales Pitch

We use a step-by-step process for researching, planning, and drafting a sales webinar that’ll make your Razorpay or any other Payment Solution, ping with a "Successful Payment" notification after notification.
With real-time analytics based on data from various sources, including Ad campaigns, customer research, demographics, and indepth understanding of your Level 2 and Level 3 products, we can draft the perfect webinar sales pitch for you, to convert your quality leads into paying customers.

After Conducting Over 100+ Webinars We have Built A Strong SOP That Is Proven to Convert Your Offer When You Pitch

  • Webinar Offer Analysis
  • Webinar Pitch Deck
  • Webinar Content Review
  • Optimization
  • Analysis and Insight Reporting

[Clickfunnel Analytics] Some Of The Amazing Results

[Facebook Ads Result] Using Our Integrated Funnel System


5551 Registrations At â‚ą17.49 CPR With 6.48 CPC & 2.97% CTR 


6297 Registrations At â‚ą3.99 CPR With â‚ą1.19 CPC & 5.83% CTR 


2113 Registrations At $4.39 CPR With $1.52 CPC & $9276 Ad Spent


(6.4X ROAS) â‚ą5,13,500 In Sales By Spending â‚ą79,650

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Meet The Founder

Anand Prajapati​

Founder of Creators Growth Hub​

  • check_circleEntreprenur By Heart Marketer By Choice​
  • check_circleFacebook Ads and Sales Funnel Specialist​
  • check_circleBuilt 100+ High Converting Sales Funnel​
  • check_circleSpent Over 90 Lakhs On Ads​
  • check_circleHow to Build a Complete Automated Lead Generation System​
  • check_circleOver 4 Crore Revenue Generated for Clients​

Flexifunnels Achievers Award 2023​

Seen With Leading Entrepreneurs and Influencers​

With Irphan Pathan (Swing King Of Cricket Team India)
With Mandira Bedi (Bollywood & TV Actress)
Ryan Magin (Video Marketer)
Harshil Karia (Founder of Schbang)
Rahul & Saurabh Bhatnagar
Zeeshan shaikh (india’s Leading Booktuber)
Ankur Warikoo (Content Creator & Entrepreneur)
Amresh Bharti (Youtuber - Mahatmaji Technical)
Gaurav Thakur (Educational Creator – 10M+ subs on YouTube)

If we don't bring The Promised Results To You. We work for free till we bring you the result that you want.

How can we offer a guarantee…?

I mean there are so many factors that affect a business.

Offering a guarantee can be risky.

Here is the CATCH…

We don’t work with everyone.

We have only less than 5% selection rate.

We go through 3 STEP Selection Process. 👇


Minimum Budget & Term Required

You should at least have Rs. 30,000 or $2,000 (for International market) ad budget per month. Advertisement is the most important part of a business. You cannot skimp on your budget. A lot of people spend so much on setting websites and other technical stuff and when it comes to marketing they afraid to invest.

You also have to understand marketing is not a short cut game. That’s why we expect you to commit for atleast 3 months.


We Take Control of Your Backened Operations

We need access to all your internal tools that are involved in the process (keeping your financial security in the mind). Because we need clear insight of every conversion rate to ensure we can optimize the running campaign in the best possible way.

We'll make sure that everything is place, setup and well optmized and easily accesible for you.


Don't Make Changes in the Ads & Sales Copy

It’s very important that you don’t make changes in the ads and the sales copies except checking legal or social issues.

Because if ad is not our we cannot bring you the promised result.

A lot of business owners think that they will make changes in the ads make it soft pitch and expect us to bring sales to them which is not possible.

At this stage, if you think you are a good fit to work with us. Pick a Date and Time To Get a Guaranteed Growth Oriented Plan

Sorav Jain (India’s Leading Digital Marketer)
Gopal Krishnan (Founder of Binge Class)
Aditya Saini (Founder of Divine Media & 815k+ Youtube Family)
Shreya Jaiswal (Finance Expert – Influencer)
Janhvi V Singh (Mythological Influencer )
Reshul Singhal (Sales Video Expert)
Sharan Hegde (Personal Finance Expert)
Shashank Udupa (Finance Expert – Influencer)
Ujjwal D Gadhvi (Spiritual Influencer)

Who We Work With?

  • Coach or Consultant Selling High Ticket Coaching
  • Course Creators Looking to Grow The Return on Ad Spent
  • Digital Product Owners Looking to Boost Your Return on Investment
  • Professionals Looking for More Clients
  • Other Service Providers/Sellers Looking for Highly Qualified Leads

Listen to Our Happy Clients

What our clients like about us:

Accountable for Growth

Our ambition is to not just make our clients the winner brands in their space, but be world class when it comes to growth and mindset too.

Strong Communication

Effective communication is what drives the business, and we understand that. We give ourself pats on being able to respond to client queries fast. The amount of calls we offer are always more than needed.

Transparent Operations

The biggest headache of a business owner is to find and agency or freelancer who is transparent in every part of the process whether it is about fund allocation or other important data. We always take care of it.

A Few More Results

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